Digital Escape Room

Escape from the room… Online!

Following the digitization of activities and the development of Smart Working, working remotely is now possible and increasingly widespread, thanks to the new technologies and innumerable tools that the Internet makes available.

It is important to be aware that the world is moving forward and technological discoveries do not stop. The work teams can have members from all over the world who collaborate virtually and for this reason they can also participate in our Team Building Online, what we prefer to call Stream Building. Among these activities, the virtual Escape Room is one of our favorites.

Team Building Online: Escape Room

If you like enigmas and riddles, this is the format for you! For the first time digitally, the format will consist of a series of puzzles and riddles to solve together with your colleagues.

The team, in fact, will have to follow a path made of a series of web pages through which to gain clues to reach the final goal and succeed in escaping from the Escape Room. This format is important for developing team skills such as problem solving and union.

The work of solving various online puzzles, in fact, also requires great concentration and collaboration. Furthermore, another of the fundamental aspects on which this type of Team Building works is communication.

In conclusion, an Escape Room team building is capable of consolidating the potential of a group, revealing its defects and stimulating its growth and consolidation.

Escape from the room… even in smart working!

Once in front of the computer, the participants will find themselves in front of a series of virtual rooms and will have to look for a way out using each element of the structure and solving codes, puzzles and riddles. In order to successfully complete the game, participants must organize their escape within a set time limit.

In this activity, however, the common thread will always be the company relationship: colleagues will have to collaborate and make all their skills available to others. Especially in a period like this, it can be an opportunity to improve various aspects of the team’s characteristics, especially the work on communication.


Digital Escape Room: Challenge your team

Close or distant, this Team Building format is excellent for Challenging both communication and leadership skills.

Getting out of the daily routine of work, collaborating all together immersing  completely in solving puzzles at a distance and without distractions is not easy at all. It engages the team on solving the online activity.

All participants will  share their ideas and observations with others, via chat or video call, and they will experience union and teamwork that will allow them to solve the puzzles and escaping from the virtual room.

Don’t miss the chance to try this new format!

Escape Room: what are the goals?

The goal of the activity is to stimulate the mind, intuition and logic. It is also an important activity with regards to building a team.

Collaboration between all participants, in fact, is an indispensable factor in solving the puzzles and successfully completing the game.

As it may not seem, moreover, an important factor to consider is also the time. For an excellent result of the activity, therefore, communication, leadership and time management are fundamental. Furthermore, it is important to know how to observe and control everything that happens, nothing should be left to chance!

And what skills can be learned?

  • Communication: to get out of the room as winners participants need to find a solution. Through communication, it will be possible to exchange opinions and hypotheses, up to the final decision. It is obvious to specify the importance of this ability also within the company as it is fundamental to achieve a good communication level, to grow and improve.
  • Lead: it means the ability to take control and guide the various elements of a team. In every company it is essential to find the right person to fill this role. The Escape Room allows you to do it naturally and spontaneously, without injustices of any kind.
  • Differentiation: thinking outside the box is sometimes seen as a quality to be hidden rather than highlighted. Within a team, however, it is right to consider all the hypotheses before arriving at a solution. In the Escape Room there are many puzzles for which you will need to evaluate any suggestions. Even the strangest one could prove to be reliable, so why not learn and adopt this system even within the company?
  • Listening skills: all participants and team members have a voice. Not listening to even one of them (perhaps the one with the right solution) could decree failure. And even if everyone is wrong, the attempt is still appreciable. A good leader and a good team can listen and evaluate accordingly.
  • Sense of solidarity: with each trap revealed, the team hugs each other in a symbolic virtual embrace, increasing their sense of participation and supporting one another. Even at a distance, this friendly climate is a strong foundation for building a solid corporate team.
Don’t miss the chance to try this new format!