Stream Building

How to engage your team with Team buildings ONLINE

During 2020 we all experienced a revolution. All the changes lead us to create and organize Team Building events ONLINE. We call them Stream Buildings.

Please enjoy our new formats and let us know what you think about them!

Online Team Buildings and Experiential Learning


For the first time online, Online Escape Room will give the team adrenaline and emotions as if they were in the same phisical room solving enigmas in a limited amount of time. Experiential training has the advantage of working also through the subconscious. It is a methodology that puts the team in front of exciting and impactful experiences. Basically, through experiential trainings, we try to make participants live concrete moments. This is possible by combining with Online Team buildings, the logical level with the emotional level.

The seemingly playful challenges allow team members to manifest skills and attitudes that often appear hidden in daily life.
In this situation, colleagues have the opportunity to observe and get to know each other from a new point of view. Also, to develop less formal and effective ways of communication and collaboration.

What to do if the team works remotely?

We have developed a series of formats that allow team members to do team building together despite the distance, sharing experiences via web platforms. Here are some examples of the Virtual Team Building formats:

With this Stream Building format, participants will produce a television broadcast: a newscast. Within the overall video, each team member will have his dedicated space. To fill it they will have to make a report of 1-2 minutes updating the team on a chosen topic.

Through this Stream Building they will experience the feeling of television studios. Each micro team will produce a piece of news and at the end they all will enjoy the final broadcasting.

We will produce a video that can be shared in the future as a collective memory, to be used for internal or external use.

The blu print will of course be corporate type. The latest news will be heard on the news regarding the company, product advertising, updates on new communication methods or resource management.


This enigmatic puzzling team building allows companies to “investigate” employees on the knowledge of facts, company vision mission or values. or even to reward the most attentive customers at the end of a series of presentations of the company’s products or services. An original idea would be to announce this teambuilding before an important meeting, so as to obtain maximum attention during presentations and fun have fune with team mates afterwards.

The teams receive a true crossword puzzle scheme that they will have to solve using all their knowledge. Collaboration will be indispensable: each participant will receive a series of challenges to solve in order to receive definitions for the crossword puzzle! Teamworking will create the scheme with specific words received directly from the company.

This format, in addition to giving participants the opportunity to collaborate in solving one of the most famous puzzle games, will allow the team to fully focus on their company, giving them the opportunity to understand or discover new things.

Furthermore, for very large groups, multiple crossword puzzles can be generated. We will use the already compiled schemes for the resolution of a final crossword puzzle whose resolution will unite all the groups in one big team. 

Mosaic Team

The idea of ​​Mosaic Stream Building  is to create a huge digital image with the single contributions of all participants.

These are created by combining many different photographs, as if they were single pixels. According to the colors, the images can be associated and positioned close to each other. This is in order to create a larger picture in order to represent a logo or an image, chosen by the team or by the company committee.

In this virtual Team Building, each Team must, produce and share photos on a specific topic. Obviously, it has to be connected to a company value or a specific theme. The chosen image must be shared by all and have a profound meaning for the participants for reasons that may be personal, related to their work group or the company’s logo.

At the end of the activity, through the subsequent reworking phases, all the images chosen and taken will be put together to create a unique work that will have different meanings. The final product will then be printed in digital format and will remain in the office as a memory for the future.

mosaic team
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movie making

Do you think it is impossible to design and make a short film through remote collaboration?

If the team is aligned and guided by our master trainers, we are sure it can be done and it will be a wonderful experience!

How does Movie Making Onlne work?

Each of the team members will participate in the activity with:

  • writing a storyboard
  • the realization, with the help of your webcam or mobile phone, of the shots assigned by the team
  • the final editing that will allow participants to create a unique work, a commercial spot or a real short film.

Participants will feel closer by collaborating in the creative story and then observing the result!

Depending on the needs of each company, then, the final product of each team can be translated into an advertising spot, a narrative short film or in other different types. Any product will still remain as a memory of the day as well as a corporate communication tool, both internally and externally.

In a particular period such as the one we are experiencing, having memories that can help us, in the future, to think about how we have overcome it can be an element of great support for future moments of difficulty.

This team building allows the team to work on corporate values, proposing them through music. The first part of team building is focused on the song lyrics. It begins with a brainstorming to identify the song main topic. Each participant contributes to lyrics composition. Now more than ever it is important to work on what can be profoundly and longlasting motivating.

Corporate Song Online Team Building is composed of 4 parts:

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Writing of the lyrics
  3. Recording
  4. Editing

Led by our music trainers, the team will have to narrate in a poetic text the objectives and results achieved by the company. Furthermore, they can talk about its Vision, Mission, Values, future prospects, or simply rhyming their everyday life. With the creation of a personalized song it is possible, therefore, to project employees towards a common goal. The focus can be placed on what really has value for the company and the team and encouraging them to give more and more for the good of all.

After the lyrics writing phase, we hypothesized a roadmap for writing and recording the song. Based on the company’s requests, the teams can sing through videoconference their parts of the song, which will then be mixed. It can be done by themselves or by Teamworking staff after the end of the event.

It is also possible to involve high-level artists to put their experience at the service of the team. This will give the event a testimonial that enhances its value.

If the aim is to build a bond made of values ​​and emotions, this musical format is perfectly suited to the task!

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The storytelling activity, as well as that of the theater, is very effective when the goal is to foster a deeper mutual knowledge between colleagues. Also, it’s useful when you want to make interpersonal communication easier, or simply when you need to reactivate the energies. This is valid during the coffee break between various interventions of a meeting, online or not.

Storytelling exercises are, in a sense, part of the theatrical practice as they are drawn from it. They are important because they can focus on different points based on the needs of the team and the time available: from sharing emotions up to the actual story-telling. In fact, it is often used as a persuasive communication strategy, especially in areas such as economic and business.

By telling the story, a sort of “connection” is accomplished, with a dual function:

  1. Direct to interiority: narrative in reflective function;
  2. Aimed at the context in which you are immersed.

The telling of a story always implies a discussion with the other and refers to a memory or a sensation, reconnecting to one’s own experiential life. Consequently, it involves the presence of a certain emotional component that characterizes the story itself. The narration leads to a reflection on the contents, the elaboration of these and above all the development of learning.

But how is it done?

It could be linked to the construction of the character intended as a hero.

Everyone, having objects and accessories at hand, has the opportunity to invent and identify with a type of character of their choice. What the storytelling activity focuses on, however, is the so-called “hero’s journey“. This can be individual or corporate and is always intended as a metaphor for one’s own path within the company.

As in the face-to-face activity, with Heroes Day we want to make sure that each participant turns into a different superhero! The most important value within each team is diversity, and we want to help you bring it out.

Both in the virtual or real world, it is important for each team member to give vent to their peculiarities. The Heroes Day activity wants to celebrate the differences and highlight the strengths of each person.

This creative team building is recommended for teams in which there is already some mutual knowledge. During an initial brainstorming process, team members will be assigned by colleagues a superhero. It could be classic or invented, with very specific characteristics and powers. This introspective work represents a moment of self-discovery, since attribution often generates a sense of amazement and pleasant surprise.

It reveals the attention of colleagues for sides of the personality that the person himself did not believe to manifest in the workplace.

heroes day in Qatar

To each superhero will then be assigned by the team:

  • superpowers (always related to the workplace)
  • a super secret move
  • gadgets and disguises that can be found at home, to transform themselves physically.

At the end of the activity, it is possible to create a promotional video with superhero performances, which will remain as a reminder of the experience and a possible communication and promotion tool for the brand.

Body percussion team building

This musical Stream Building can be used as an introduction to another format or as a stand alone format. In this period, moreover, we thought it could be important to bring it in a virtual way as a format that brings joy and strength to the team. Moreover, it can help bring confidence for the future.

Using your body as a musical instrument: this is the challenge behind Body Percussion. Starting from simple movements, it is possible to combine increasingly complex sounds. Then, there are also dynamics that are intertwined with voice and rhythm.
The goal of Body Percussion is not only to “play” using the body, but also to create deep dynamics. They’re useful for the improvement of:

  • communication
  • interaction
  • leadership within the team.

Additional option: Haka

One more possibility is to enrich Body Percussion with the creation of a Haka. That is a Maori dance that is played with many “instruments” of our body such as hands, feet, legs, body, voice and language. It accompanies the performance of many sports teams and is often associated with a war shout. It’s not just a “war shout”. In fact, it can also be a manifestation of joy and a way to fully express one’s feelings. This dance will give strength to the team and instill confidence in the future.

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The key word of this activity is remote communication. Through this Team Building online, we want to make sure that the participants compete with the transmission of a message. They have to develop language and mutual listening.

With various objects available that can be easily found in every home, the possibilities for doing this team building better are different. Some of these, for example, can be:

  • Draw an object or shape that participants cannot see but that a team member must try to describe with as many details as possible
  • Guessing the objects that others have by only having a few clues
  • Show an object and make others succeed in rebuilding it

Taking part in this activity is an excellent opportunity to test yourself and your relationship with colleagues.

This online team building will be an opportunity for all team members to express their creativity. Moreover, to confront with their colleagues in a different way than usual.

pasta engineering

They will be carefree for one day, having fun with colors, shapes and constructions. Also, they will be able to achieve the Vision and Mission of their company in various forms. This, of course, always keeping an eye towards the future and the goals to be achieved.

Super Quiz

super quiz

Super Quiz is an undemanding proposal that can be adapted to various corporate occasions.

By working virtually, the participants will be seated at their own desk. Then, they will have to communicate and collaborate with each other to give the right answers to the questions given. That will let them earn points for their team.

The questions may relate to general knowledge topics or be customized on company issues. In this case, a Super Quiz represents the ideal way to verify the understanding of concepts and goals after a meeting or after the presentation of a product. The prospect of being tested will also entice employees and/or customers to pay more attention to explanations!

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