Team Building in Qatar

Diversity and Inclusion

Qatar is located in the Middle East on the Persian Gulf Peninsula. It is one of the smallest nations in the world, but it affects far beyond its weight on the world stage. The country has rapidly transformed. From a predominantly rural community that relies on pearl fishing it became a thriving economic and cultural power fueled by the profits of gas and oil. Now, Qatar is considered by many measures to be the richest nation in the world.

Its territory includes an arid desert and a long coast of beaches and dunes on the Persian Gulf. On the coast there is also the capital, Doha, known for its futuristic skyscrapers and avant-garde architecture inspired by the ancient Islamic tradition.

The seven-kilometer promenade stretches across the Persian Gulf in the West Bay. Here you can grab a coffee, fly a kite or take a photo by the iconic pearl shell, a symbol of Qatar’s traditional past.

Not only it is one of the safest countries in the world, but it also offers true Arabian hospitality. There’s a rich variety of food, adventure, beaches and sand dunes and, of course, year-round sunshine. That’s why in Qatar you’ll always find a lot of things to do.

Team Building adventure: Doha desert

The Doha desert is largely unspoiled and should be part of every visit to Qatar. Very little is as surprising as miles and miles of pristine, smooth sand. The beauty of the desert views will make you feel small and amazed by the vastness of this unknown landscape. The sand is flawless, the dunes are rolling and this beautiful desert landscape can be enjoyed on any desert adventure or safari day. Start your engines and raise the dust to experience the charm of the desert firsthand.


A great place for a Desert team building!

Even though Qatar is one of the most technologically advanced places in the world, we also know that it rises from the desert and is surrounded by it. A team building Desert Adventure in Qatar will bring your team out in the wilderness to discover the most extreme face of the land! It’s a great way to live a really unforgettable experience and to create a team spirit that won’t go away for a while. Mutual help and trust in each other will let us overcome every problem.

Team Building Urban: Souq Waqif

While in Doha, you can’t miss a visit to Souq Waqif, which is a unique place for shopping and dining. Known for being one of the main attractions of Doha, you can stroll through the alleys, admire the architectural wonders, buy embroidery, spices, perfumes and more.

souq wakif doha
Urban Game Team Building in Qatar: a cooler way to visit the city.

A stroll along the busy alleys of Souq Waqif offers an authentic taste of traditional commerce, architecture and culture. The countless shops boast an incredible variety of Middle Eastern products, from spices to seasonal specialties such as nuts and fresh dates, passing through perfumes, ornaments, jewelry, clothing, artifacts and an infinite treasure of souvenirs. Moreover, traditional music, art and culture shows further characterize the atmosphere of this special place.

Visiting a city with an Urban Team Building activity means living a very different experience from the conventional city tour. Participants will discover the most interesting places in the city, its wonders and its most beautiful landscapes. But not in a tourist way. The visit will proceed in a lighthearted, collaborating and amusing way, relaxing and absorbing the vitality and atmosphere of this eclectic mix of cultures.

Urban Team Building: Doha fort

This military fortress is located in the midst of the famous Souq Waqif of Doha and was built in 1927. This fortress was eventually turned into a museum and now houses exhibitions with wooden ornaments, oil paintings and old photographs. The most striking element of this fort is its exterior. It is grandiose and formidable and creates the feeling of being surrounded by something mysteriously powerful. This rather makes the experience. You will love the sight of this wonderfully intimidating building.

Another way of exploring the city with an Urban Game Team Building is using the iPad. Our City Game iPad is one of our most popular Team Building formats. It is an amazing adventure that puts participants in another dimension. They will walk among the oldest parts of the city, such as the Doha fort, and will take photos and videos with the most updated technologies. Moreover, what makes this format so special are the effects of the so-called augmented reality, adding virtual elements to the surrounding reality and letting people enter in a new dimension.

doha fort
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Diversity & Inclusion

Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world. With a significant British expatriate population, there are actually no security concerns. Also, as the number of expats is rising more and more, integration between cultures and nationalities has become increasingly important.

We believe in creating an inclusive culture in which people can thrive. Our Team Building mission here in Qatar, as all over the world, is to create an inclusive working environment because it is the key to innovating, developing and retaining employees’ talents. With our activities, everyone will feel appreciated and included. Also, they will feel able to cultivate their talent as individuals and as part of a collaborative team.

Corporate Orchestra Team Building in Qatar

Music: a universal language

Music speaks directly to the unconscious and therefore there is no need for words. We understand each other perfectly even between different languages ​​and cultures. The important topics we touch with music are therefore diversity and inclusion.

Integrating a team of people with different backgrounds is usually not easy, but it can be easily accomplished with music. Musical language is good for any culture or language! This is because rhythm and melody speak indifferently to everyone.


The goal of the Percussion Orchestra Team Building is not only to play music, as it might seem at first glance. Music Team Building is a form of communication that allows you to overcome cultural and language barriers. It will help you communicate, express yourself and your emotions. Obviously, the effectiveness of this Team Building will depend on the quality of the relationship between the participants. So it is important how they manage to establish the connection between themselves.

A diversified and inclusive team building event, integrated into our principles of honesty, integrity and respect, brings together extraordinary people and allows them to be themselves.

By focusing on diversity and inclusion, the team building event will become an even more rewarding and satisfying activity, in which each employee will be able to grow and learn new things from other cultures and individuals. There are people from all over the world and listening to people who speak in different languages ​​is fantastic because everyone can share their personal background and experience.

Team Building in Qatar: the perfect solution for international teams

Does your international team need more integration, communication or team spirit? Our corporate team building activities lead participants to live impactful experiences that will help you solve your problems!

For all teambuildings and incentives in Qatar, we choose the experiential training method. This means that we present a new experience to the team, far from the company’s routine. Living a day walking across the most famous part of Doha or having an adventure out of the ordinary in the desert will help the team develop communication skills and get to know each other from a new, more informal point of view.


What about international teams working from a distance?

Since more and more companies have employees working from all over the world, we thought of some Team Building formats that you can participate in from home and we named them: Stream Buildings. A remote team building is like usual team building, except for the fact that the participants are at home and do not share the space around them. In a digital team building, team members participate by standing at the desk in front of the computer. For this reason, to interact with the rest of the group, they must use the latest forms of technology available. Examples could be video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Hangouts.

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